US Press Secretary may have leaked his password on Twitter

For the past two days, the US Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been getting everyone’s attention because of an alleged leak of sensitive data on his Twitter account.

On 2017/01/25 at 09:59 PM Sean Spicer tweeted the following string “Aqenbpuu”, which is being speculated as his own password. A few moments later the string was deleted.

At 8:42 am the next day, a new string of characters “n9y25ah7” was again tweeted into his account. This sequence was then also deleted.


It is not yet clear whether Sean Spicer’s passwords were really the passwords of Sean Spicer. However, due to the repercussion of the facts, this has caused a lot of headaches for the Secretary, whether due to the possible threat of hackers being Experiencing these so-called passwords in various accounts of Sean Spicer, or even because of the funny negative repercussion of the facts.