How to create strong, safe and secure passwords

In today’s digital world, we know how important it is to protect our email, facebook, twitter, etc … passwords to keep our accounts safe, and free from undue access.

But because of the growing demand for malicious hackers who use increasingly robust and automated methods and methods for discovering passwords, it becomes necessary to use new techniques in making stronger and safer passwords Minimize the chances of having your password discovered and then used improperly.

In this article, we’ll be listing some tips for you to create even safer passwords. Check below!


1º – Use letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols

To make passwords more complex and thus more difficult to break, one of the main tips is to use letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols. That way, it becomes more difficult for automated password decoding processes, figuring out the user’s password.

A good idea is to use a familiar, easy-to-remember word and then replace only a few letters with symbols and numbers.

E.g.: [email protected][email protected] (GeradordeSenha)


2º – Create a password with at least 8 characters

By creating a password that is at least 8 characters long, you will make it harder for software used to find passwords.


3º – Avoid using common passwords

It sounds kind of cliché, but most people still use very common passwords that are easily discovered by anyone. A good example of this are:

Dog name
Spouse’s name
Mother’s name
Phone number

Avoid using the above password examples to make it harder for malicious people to act.

And do you have any tips to make passwords even safer? Share your tip with us through the comments! ;D



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